‘Saturday Night Live’ Crowns Maya Rudolph as “Mother” in Mother’s Day-Driven Opening

This past Saturday Night Live episode was a special one, dedicated to celebrating mothers ahead of Mother’s Day. The show, known for its satirical humor and political commentary, took a heartwarming turn as cast members shared touching moments with their moms. ‘Saturday Night Live’ Crowns Maya Rudolph as “Mother” in Mother’s Day-Driven Opening 

A Mother’s Day Tribute

The episode began with Kenan Thompson welcoming viewers to the show, joined by his own mother on the iconic Studio 8H stage. As the clock ticked closer to Mother’s Day, Thompson’s mother humorously reminded everyone of the impending gift-buying deadline. ‘Saturday Night Live’ Crowns Maya Rudolph as “Mother” in Mother’s Day-Centric Opening. The variety show dispensed with its traditional topical cold open for castmember moments with their moms.

Departure from the Norm

In a departure from its usual format, SNL opted out of a traditional cold open, opting instead for a warm and personal touch. The decision was made in light of the many distressing news stories dominating headlines, offering a brief respite by showcasing heartwarming stories from the cast’s mothers.

Memorable Moments

Throughout the episode, various cast members shared memorable anecdotes and experiences with their mothers. Andrew Dismukes, Chloe Fineman, Punkie Johnson, Mikey Day, Ego Nwodim, James Austin Johnson, Bowen Yang, Colin Jost, Marcello Hernandez, and Michael Longfellow all had touching interactions with their moms, bringing laughter and tears to the audience.

Pop Culture References

The episode didn’t shy away from incorporating current events and pop culture references. Thompson’s mom expressed curiosity about who would portray Stormy Daniels in a skit about the former President Trump’s trial. Other moms mentioned Netflix’s roast of Tom Brady and the news about Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s health, topics that had been covered earlier in the week on “Weekend Update.”

Highlighting Viral Moments

Mikey Day’s mom playfully referred to herself as “Butt-Head’s mom,” acknowledging her son’s viral sketch from April. This nod to Day’s recent success on the show added a lighthearted touch to the evening.

A Tribute to Motherhood

Overall, the episode served as a heartfelt tribute to mothers everywhere, showcasing the special bond between a mother and her child. It was a departure from the show’s usual satire but was a refreshing and heartwarming change of pace.


In conclusion, Saturday Night Live’s Mother’s Day episode was a touching and memorable one. The decision to focus on the cast’s mothers added a personal touch to the show, resonating with viewers and reminding everyone of the importance of family. As Mother’s Day approaches, this episode served as a timely reminder to appreciate and celebrate the mothers in our lives.


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