Vanderpump Rules Season 12 Filming Delay Update

Vanderpump Rules Season 12 Filming Delay Update

As Vanderpump Rules Season 11 wraps up on Bravo, fans are eagerly anticipating the next season. However, Deadline has reported that production for Season 12 has been delayed, causing a stir among viewers. Vanderpump Rules Season 12 Filming Delay Update-2024 Vanderpump Rules is changing its production schedule, opting to not film season 12 this summer. TMZ first reported that unlike previous seasons of the hit Bravo reality series A source close to the cast revealed that the show would not be filming this summer, which goes against the production schedule’s norm. This unexpected delay has left fans wondering what could be the reason behind it. Season 12 filming postponed to recover from intense drama.

Possible Reasons for the Delay

One potential reason for the break in production could be the aftermath of the affair involving Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix’s best friend, Rachel Leviss. The scandal rocked the cast, leading to a heavily fractured group. Season 11 began filming right after these events, leaving little time for the cast to process everything amid the intense reactions from the real world, all while cameras were rolling.

Another reason for the delay could be to accommodate Madix’s hosting duties on Love Island Season 6 in Fiji. Earlier this year, Madix was announced as the new host of the Peacock dating competition, replacing Sarah Hyland. Her absence from the show could be a significant factor in the decision to delay filming for Season 12.

Impact on the Show’s Production Schedule

The delay in filming Season 12 of Vanderpump Rules is a departure from the show’s traditional production schedule. The show has typically picked up production during the summer months to coincide with gay pride events in West Hollywood. These events bring a lot of foot traffic to Lisa Vanderpump’s establishments, such as Sur and TomTom, which are popular spots for fans of the show.

Speculation and Fan Reactions

Fans of Vanderpump Rules have been speculating about the reasons behind the delay and expressing their disappointment on social media. Many are eager to see how the events of Season 11 will impact the upcoming season and are hopeful that the delay will lead to a more dramatic and engaging storyline.


While the delay in filming Season 12 of Vanderpump Rules may come as a disappointment to fans, it is clear that the show’s producers have their reasons for pushing back production. Whether it’s to allow the cast time to process recent events or to accommodate Madix’s hosting duties, one thing is certain: when Season 12 does premiere, it is sure to be worth the wait.


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