Weekend sport apporte une croissance economique a la region de Baltimore.

This weekend, Baltimore is buzzing with major sports events that promise to invigorate the local economy.

Several big events are taking place in the Baltimore region, including the Preakness Stakes at Pimlico, Orioles games at Camden Yards, and a NCAA Lacrosse Tournament in Towson, potentially leading to significant economic benefits. Weekend sport apporte une croissance economique a la region de Baltimore.

Major Events Driving Economic Impact

The Preakness Stakes is the crown jewel of this weekend’s events, happening on Saturday at Pimlico. According to Anirban Basu, Chairman & CEO of the Sage Policy Group, the Preakness alone can generate $50 million in economic activity. This historic horse race not only attracts a large number of spectators but also brings in substantial spending in local businesses, from hotels to restaurants.

Alongside the Preakness, Orioles games at Camden Yards contribute significantly to the local economy. Basu noted that a solid Orioles crowd can generate $3-4 million in economic impact, underscoring the importance of these games in driving economic activity.

Additional Benefits and Community Vibrancy

Beyond the immediate financial benefits, these events provide a broader boost to the community. Basu highlighted that “it’s jobs, it’s tax revenue, it’s also vibrancy. People want to be in places that are vibrant.” The influx of visitors not only supports local businesses but also enhances the overall atmosphere of the region, making it a more attractive place to live and visit.

Future Developments at Pimlico

The long-term plan for Pimlico is also set to bring continuous economic benefits. The Maryland Thoroughbred Racetrack Operating Authority has announced plans to demolish and rebuild the dilapidated facility, creating a state-of-the-art venue that can be used throughout the year. This development is expected to provide ongoing economic and social benefits, further cementing Pimlico’s role as a key asset in the region.

Words from the Community

Community members and officials are optimistic about the positive impact these events bring. The combination of sports excitement and economic activity creates a winning formula for Baltimore, promising not only immediate financial benefits but also a brighter, more vibrant future.

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