WWE NXT Results: Winners, Live Grades, Reaction, and Highlights From June 4

The June 4 edition of WWE NXT promised an action-packed night, serving as the final build to Battleground. With significant aftermath from last week’s explosive episode, this show set the stage for some compelling rivalries and intense matchups.

Jordynne Grace’s NXT In-Ring Debut

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the in-ring debut of TNA Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace. Grace faced Stevie Turner in what was a prelude to her upcoming NXT Women’s Championship challenge against Roxanne Perez. Grace, showcasing her unparalleled power, dominated Turner throughout the match. The bout culminated with Grace executing her signature Juggernaut Driver, securing a clean victory. Post-match, Perez confronted Grace, but the confrontation was short-lived as Grace quickly overpowered her, sending a clear message to her future opponent.

Trick Williams Responds to Ethan Page’s Attack

In another notable segment, Trick Williams addressed the brutal assault he suffered at the hands of “All EgoEthan Page. Williams, determined to settle the score, promised retribution while remaining wary of further antics from Noam Dar and his faction, Meta-Four. This rivalry continues to heat up, promising more drama in the weeks to come.

Tony D’Angelo Defends the Heritage Cup

The Heritage Cup was on the line as Tony D’Angelo defended his title against Damon Kemp of the No Quarter Catch Crew. The match was a technical showcase, with D’Angelo demonstrating his superior wrestling skills. Despite Kemp’s valiant effort, D’Angelo retained his title, solidifying his status as one of NXT’s top competitors.

Women’s North American Championship Ladder Match Summit

A heated summit took place featuring Sol Ruca, Fallon Henley, Michin, Kelani Jordan, Lash Legend, and Jaida Parker. With the Women’s North American Championship ladder match just days away, tensions were high. Booker T attempted to moderate the discussion, but chaos soon ensued as the combatants began to bicker. Jaida Parker and Fallon Henley interrupted Michin, while Kelani Jordan passionately explained why she deserved to win. The verbal exchange escalated into a physical altercation, leading to Mr. Stone announcing a six-woman tag match for later in the night.

Thea Hail vs. Jazmyn Nyx

Thea Hail sought revenge against Jazmyn Nyx, who had been haunting her for injuring Jacy Jayne. The match was intensely personal, with Hail driven by a desire for retribution. Despite Nyx’s best efforts, Hail emerged victorious, delivering a powerful message to her adversary.

Special Look: Shayna Baszler vs. Lola Vice in NXT Underground

The show also featured a special look at the upcoming NXT Underground match between Shayna Baszler and Lola Vice. This segment provided fans with an in-depth preview of the brutal and gritty encounter expected between these two fierce competitors.

Brutal Brawl: Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Nathan Frazer, and Axiom

A wild brawl erupted backstage involving Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Nathan Frazer, and Axiom. This intense confrontation served as a prelude to their tag title match, with all four men leaving it all on the line. The chaotic scene left fans eagerly anticipating the official showdown.

Key Highlights and Reactions

The June 4 edition of WWE NXT was a crucial episode, setting the stage for the upcoming Battleground event at the UFC Apex. The matches and segments were strategically crafted to build anticipation and advance storylines, ensuring that fans remained engaged throughout the night.

Jordynne Grace’s debut was a standout moment, establishing her as a dominant force in NXT. Her confrontation with Roxanne Perez added another layer of intrigue to their impending championship clash. Trick Williams’ fiery promo in response to Ethan Page‘s attack showcased his determination and set the stage for a heated rivalry.

The Heritage Cup defense by Tony D’Angelo against Damon Kemp was a masterclass in technical wrestling, reaffirming D’Angelo’s prowess. The Women’s North American Championship ladder match summit was a chaotic but thrilling segment, highlighting the intense competition among the female competitors.

Thea Hail‘s victory over Jazmyn Nyx was a satisfying conclusion to their personal feud, while the preview of Shayna Baszler vs. Lola Vice in NXT Underground offered a tantalizing glimpse of the brutality to come. The backstage brawl involving Gallows, Anderson, Frazer, and Axiom added an element of unpredictability, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

Overall, the June 4 episode of WWE NXT was a pivotal show that effectively built momentum heading into Battleground. The combination of high-stakes matches, intense rivalries, and compelling storylines ensured that fans remained hooked from start to finish.

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