Scott Disick’s Shocking Weight Loss Journey: From Hawaiian Rolls to Healthy Living

Scott Disick reveals he was eating an entire bag of Hawaiian rolls and drinking 20 ginger ales a day before slimming down with the help of a weight-loss medication.

In a surprising revelation, Scott Disick has opened up about his unhealthy eating habits before embarking on a dramatic weight loss journey. During a recent episode of “The Kardashians,” the 41-year-old Talentless founder shared the stark contrast between his former lifestyle and his current healthy regimen. This article delves into the details of Disick’s weight loss journey, highlighting the shocking habits he had to overcome and the changes he made to achieve his current physique.

A Shocking Diet

Scott Disick’s diet was far from ideal before he decided to make a change. He admitted to consuming an entire bag of Hawaiian rolls every night. “Honestly, I had no idea how horrible it was,” he confessed to Khloé Kardashian and Kris Jenner. Disick’s love for Hawaiian rolls was so intense that he didn’t realize the negative impact it was having on his health.

Ginger Ale Addiction

In addition to his carb-heavy diet, Disick revealed another unhealthy habit: his addiction to ginger ale. “I was going through 20 gingers a day,” he disclosed, much to the shock of Kardashian. Disick had mistakenly believed that ginger ale was a healthier alternative to soda, unaware of its high sugar content. “It just seemed like it was a soothing drink,” he explained.

The Turning Point

The turning point in Disick’s journey came when he decided to overhaul his lifestyle. During an episode of the Hulu show, he gave Jenner and Kardashian a glimpse into his new, healthier lifestyle, showcasing his fridge filled with sauces, low-calorie drinks, fruit, almond milk, and Mounjaro, a weight-loss drug.

Injury and Weight Gain

Disick’s unhealthy habits were partly influenced by a serious back injury he sustained in 2022 following a terrifying car crash. The injury left him unable to work out, leading to significant weight gain. “I’ve gained a lot of weight here because of my back,” he admitted, reflecting on the challenges he faced during his recovery.

Khloé Kardashian’s Concern

Khloé Kardashian expressed concern for Disick’s health during his weight gain period. She noted that he was “the unhealthiest” she had ever seen him. However, Disick’s determination to change his lifestyle was evident as he turned to a celeb-loved weight loss drug, which significantly impacted his transformation.

The Role of Weight-Loss Medication

Although Disick has never publicly spoken about the medication he used, a source told the Daily Mail in April that he stopped taking it after fans voiced concerns over his appearance. The weight-loss drug, Mounjaro, played a crucial role in helping Disick shed the extra pounds, but it also raised health concerns among his followers.

Transition to a Healthy Lifestyle

Disick’s transition to a healthier lifestyle wasn’t easy. Given his tricky history with food, he reportedly turned to a nutritionist to help manage the change. This professional guidance was essential in ensuring that Disick’s weight loss was sustainable and healthy.


Scott Disick’s weight loss journey is a testament to the power of determination and professional guidance. By overcoming his unhealthy eating habits and seeking help, he has managed to transform his lifestyle and achieve a healthier physique. His story serves as an inspiration for anyone struggling with similar challenges, demonstrating that with the right support and commitment, significant changes are possible.

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