Saraya Makes Cameo In New Western-Themed Falling In Reverse Music Video

In a year filled with exciting releases, Falling In Reverse has once again captured the spotlight with their latest music video for the song “All My Life.” As part of their 2024 singles rollout, this new video showcases a unique blend of western-themed visuals, intense performances, and notable guest appearances that have left fans and critics buzzing. Saraya, known to many as a professional wrestler and real-life partner of Ronnie Radke, frontman of Falling In Reverse, makes a memorable cameo that adds an extra layer of intrigue and star power to the production.

Falling In Reverse’s 2024 Singles Campaign

With their 2024 campaign, Falling In Reverse has been strategically releasing singles that highlight their musical versatility and knack for storytelling through visuals. Following the success of their previous single “Ronald,” which debuted last month, the band has continued to build momentum with the release of “All My Life.” This track is part of an anticipated album that fans are eagerly awaiting, and the music video serves as both a promotional piece and a standalone work of art. While brief, Saraya makes a notable appearance toward the end of the music video as she dances behind the wooden bar while wearing a black cowboy hat. In addition to her on-screen cameo, the former AEW Women’s Champion also shared some behind-the-scenes shots from the set of “All My Life” to Instagram

A Western Saloon Setting

The “All My Life” music video transports viewers to a classic western saloon, complete with all the iconic elements one might expect: bar fights, gun-slinging, and lively dancing. The setting is meticulously crafted, providing an immersive backdrop for the song’s narrative. Ronnie Radke delivers a powerful vocal performance, complemented by the distinctive voice of Jelly Roll, a CMT Music Award-winning recording artist. The chemistry between Radke and Jelly Roll is palpable, making the video a must-watch for both fans of the band and newcomers alike.

Saraya’s Notable Cameo

Professional wrestling fans were quick to spot Saraya, also known for her time as the AEW Women’s Champion, in the “All My Life” music video. Her appearance, though brief, is significant. Towards the end of the video, Saraya is seen dancing behind the wooden bar, donning a black cowboy hat. This visual, combined with her dynamic presence, adds a unique flair to the video. Saraya also shared some behind-the-scenes content on Instagram, giving fans a glimpse of her experience on set. In one video, she can be seen swinging a breakaway chair at one of the stuntmen, showcasing her wrestling skills in a new context.

Behind the Scenes with Saraya

Saraya’s behind-the-scenes contributions provided fans with an inside look at the making of the “All My Life” music video. On Instagram, she expressed her enthusiasm for the project and admiration for Radke’s creative vision. “All my life I’ve f*ed up and I can’t deny, I’m doing my best to get it together. One of my fave music videos and songs @ronaldradkey ever done,”** Saraya wrote. “He can do ANYTHING! And he’s just getting started. Superstar. I love you.” Her heartfelt message not only highlights her personal connection to the project but also underscores the collaborative spirit behind the scenes.

The Dynamic Duo: Ronnie Radke and Jelly Roll

The collaboration between Ronnie Radke and Jelly Roll in the “All My Life” music video is a testament to the band’s ability to blend different musical styles and personalities. Radke’s commanding stage presence and vocal intensity are perfectly balanced by Jelly Roll’s soulful, gritty voice. This pairing brings a fresh energy to the song, enhancing its emotional depth and making it resonate with a wide audience. The video’s western theme adds a layer of drama and authenticity, making it a standout piece in Falling In Reverse’s discography.

Impact on Fans and Music Community

The release of “All My Life” has had a significant impact on both fans and the broader music community. The music video’s unique theme and high production value have set a new standard for the band, demonstrating their commitment to pushing creative boundaries. Fans have taken to social media to express their excitement and praise for the video, with many highlighting Saraya’s cameo as a particularly memorable moment. The collaboration with Jelly Roll has also garnered positive attention, showcasing the band’s versatility and willingness to experiment with different genres and styles.

The Future of Falling In Reverse

As Falling In Reverse continues to release new music and visuals, fans can expect more innovative projects and surprising collaborations. The “All My Life” music video is a clear indication of the band’s evolving artistic vision and their ability to captivate audiences with compelling stories and high-quality production. With the anticipated album on the horizon, Falling In Reverse is poised to make a significant impact on the music scene in 2024 and beyond.


Saraya’s cameo in the western-themed “All My Life” music video by Falling In Reverse is a highlight of 2024’s music releases. Her appearance, alongside the dynamic performances of Ronnie Radke and Jelly Roll, adds a unique touch to a visually and musically stunning production. As the band gears up for their album release, fans can look forward to more exciting content that pushes the boundaries of creativity and entertainment.

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