Peter Dubens Net Worth 2024 ($352.91 million)

Peter Adam Daiches Dubens is a highly influential figure in the world of private equity and venture capital. As the Founder, Managing Partner, CEO, and Non-Executive Director of Oakley Capital Investments, Dubens has built a formidable reputation in the financial industry. At 55 years old, his leadership and strategic acumen have been pivotal in steering Oakley Capital Investments to success. This article delves into Peter Dubens’ net worth, his professional journey, and the impact of Oakley Capital Investments in the private equity sector. Peter Dubens Net Worth 2024 ($352.91 million) He attended Sussex House School in Cadogan Square, Chelsea and then the Jewish Free School in Camden, North London.

Peter Dubens: A Visionary Leader

Peter Dubens’ journey in the financial world began with a clear vision and an entrepreneurial spirit. As the Founder and Managing Partner of Oakley Capital Investments, Dubens has been instrumental in shaping the firm’s strategic direction and investment philosophy. His ability to identify lucrative investment opportunities and foster growth in portfolio companies has earned him a respected position among his peers.

Oakley Capital Investments: An Overview

Foundation and Growth

Founded in 2007, Oakley Capital Investments is a private equity and venture capital firm that specializes in a wide range of investment strategies. With its headquarters in Hamilton, Bermuda, and additional offices in London, United Kingdom, and Munich, Germany, the firm has established a strong presence in the global financial market.

Investment Focus

Oakley Capital Investments is sector-agnostic but has a keen interest in technology, media, telecommunications, education, business support services, online transactional businesses (both consumer and B2B), niche consumer brands, and leisure and lifestyle businesses. The firm primarily focuses on investments in unlisted and performing or underperforming companies based in Western Europe, with a particular emphasis on the United Kingdom.

Investment Strategy

The firm’s investment strategy is diverse and includes early, growth, late-stage, mid-market investments, restructuring, management buy-outs, management buy-ins, public-to-private transactions, re-financings, secondary purchases, growth capital, turnarounds, industry consolidation, business roll-outs, and buy-and-build investments. Oakley Capital Investments typically invests between £5 million ($7.51 million) and £100 million ($204.11 million) per transaction in companies with enterprise values ranging from €20 million ($21.49 million) to €300 million ($352.91 million). The firm prefers to acquire controlling equity positions in portfolio companies but is also open to minority stakes and co-investments. Additionally, Oakley Capital Investments may invest in public or listed securities when opportunities arise.

David Till: The Co-Founder

David Till, the Senior Partner and Co-Founder of Oakley Capital Investments, plays a crucial role alongside Peter Dubens. At 57 years old, Till brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the firm. Together, Dubens and Till have built a robust investment platform that consistently delivers value to their investors.

Dubens’ Leadership and Achievements

Peter Dubens’ leadership style is characterized by his strategic vision and ability to drive growth. Under his stewardship, Oakley Capital Investments has successfully executed numerous high-profile investments, creating substantial value for its stakeholders. Dubens’ approach to investment is both innovative and pragmatic, focusing on long-term growth and sustainable value creation.

Significant Investments and Portfolio Companies

Technology and Media

One of the key areas of focus for Oakley Capital Investments is the technology and media sector. The firm has made several significant investments in this space, supporting companies that are at the forefront of technological innovation and media evolution.

Education and Business Support Services

Investments in education and business support services are another cornerstone of Oakley Capital Investments’ portfolio. The firm seeks to back companies that provide essential services and solutions, driving growth and efficiency in various industries.

Online Transactional Businesses

Oakley Capital Investments has a strong track record of investing in online transactional businesses, both consumer-facing and B2B. These investments leverage the growing trend of digital commerce and online transactions, capitalizing on the shift towards a digital economy.

Niche Consumer Brands and Leisure

Investing in niche consumer brands and leisure businesses allows Oakley Capital Investments to tap into unique market segments with high growth potential. These investments often involve companies with strong brand identities and loyal customer bases.

Investment Philosophy and Approach

Oakley Capital Investments’ investment philosophy revolves around partnering with families, founders, and entrepreneurial managers. The firm believes in supporting visionary leaders who are passionate about their businesses. This collaborative approach ensures that portfolio companies receive the necessary resources and strategic guidance to achieve their growth objectives.

Net Worth and Financial Success

Peter Dubens’ net worth is a testament to his success in the financial industry. While exact figures can vary, it is clear that Dubens has accumulated significant wealth through his ventures. His financial success is closely tied to the performance of Oakley Capital Investments and the value created for its investors.


Peter Dubens’ journey as a founder and leader of Oakley Capital Investments highlights his exceptional skills and achievements in the private equity and venture capital industry. Through strategic investments and a focus on growth, Dubens has built a formidable legacy that continues to shape the financial landscape. His net worth reflects not only his personal success but also the success of the numerous companies and entrepreneurs he has supported throughout his career.

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