Kristen Wiig and Jon Hamm on Fake ‘Fargo’ Nipples, Their ‘Bridesmaids’ Sex Scene and Wild ‘SNL’ Memories

Kristen Wiig and Jon Hamm reunited only two weeks after appearing together on “Saturday Night Live.” Wiig, a regular on the show from 2005 to 2012, joined the Five-Timers Club as the host, and Hamm, her co-star in “Bridesmaids,” appeared as a special guest. The pair had plenty to celebrate: This past season, Wiig starred as a would-be socialite trying to claw her way into the in-crowd on Apple TV+’s “Palm Royale.” Hamm also played a gleefully ambitious character for Apple, as an Elon Musk-type billionaire attempting to become a media mogul on the third season of “The Morning Show.” But an even bigger turn came with Noah Hawley’s “Fargo” from FX, where his devious Sheriff Roy Tillman runs roughshod over all those in his way — after making a very memorable entrance.

A Reunion on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Kristen Wiig and Jon Hamm have a chemistry that has captivated audiences since their memorable collaboration in the hit comedy “Bridesmaids.” Their recent reunion on “Saturday Night Live” was a delight for fans. Wiig, a celebrated SNL alum, returned to host, joining the prestigious Five-Timers Club. Hamm, known for his versatile acting, appeared as a special guest, adding to the show’s star power. This reunion came after a long hiatus, during which they followed strict COVID-19 guidelines, further emphasizing the significance of their reunion.

Kristen Wiig’s Role in ‘Palm Royale’

Wiig’s role in “Palm Royale” showcases her versatility as an actress. She plays a would-be socialite trying to navigate the intricate social hierarchy, adding another memorable character to her repertoire. Her performance on Apple TV+ has been widely praised, highlighting her ability to transition seamlessly between comedic and dramatic roles. This role adds to her impressive list of accomplishments and underscores her continued relevance in the entertainment industry.

Jon Hamm’s Transformation in ‘The Morning Show’

Jon Hamm’s portrayal of an Elon Musk-type billionaire in “The Morning Show” is another testament to his acting prowess. Playing an ambitious character aiming to dominate the media landscape, Hamm brings depth and nuance to his role. His character’s ambition and the complexities of his interactions with other characters on the show add layers to the narrative, making it a standout performance in the series’ third season.

A Memorable Entrance in ‘Fargo’

In FX’s “Fargo,” Hamm’s character, Sheriff Roy Tillman, makes a dramatic entrance that sets the tone for his devious and ruthless persona. The character is visually inspired by the Marlboro Man, embodying a rugged individualism that challenges societal norms. Hamm’s portrayal is both intense and captivating, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Sheriff Roy Tillman: A Complex Character

Sheriff Roy Tillman, as envisioned by Noah Hawley, is a character that pushes the boundaries of societal norms. Based on the concept of a rugged individualist, Tillman represents the extreme end of the spectrum where rules don’t apply because he makes them. This character serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of extreme individualism and the necessity of societal rules.

The Art of Creating Fake Nipples

One of the most talked-about scenes in “Fargo” is Hamm’s entrance, where he is completely naked, save for a “junk sock” and fake nipples. These fake nipples, made from latex and adhered to his real nipples, add an element of surrealism to the scene. The process of creating these fake nipples involved meticulous attention to detail, with Hamm humorously recalling the experience of wearing them.

Bridesmaids: The Unforgettable Sex Scene

Wiig and Hamm’s chemistry was first widely recognized in the film “Bridesmaids.” Their infamous sex scene is one of the film’s highlights, blending humor and awkwardness in a way that only they could pull off. This scene has become iconic, showcasing their ability to deliver comedy with impeccable timing and chemistry.

The Challenge of Filming Intimate Scenes

Filming intimate scenes can be challenging for actors, but Wiig and Hamm approached it with professionalism and a sense of humor. Their ability to make the scene both funny and believable is a testament to their acting skills. The behind-the-scenes stories from this shoot add another layer of depth to their professional relationship, highlighting their mutual respect and camaraderie.

Wild Memories from ‘Saturday Night Live’

Wiig and Hamm’s time on “Saturday Night Live” is filled with wild and memorable moments. Wiig’s tenure on the show saw her create some of the most beloved characters and sketches in SNL history. Hamm’s guest appearances added a unique flair to the show, with his willingness to embrace the show’s unpredictable nature.

Creating Iconic SNL Moments

Wiig’s characters, from the Target Lady to Gilly, have left an indelible mark on SNL. Her ability to create and embody diverse characters is a key part of her legacy on the show. Hamm’s contributions, though less frequent, were equally impactful, with his willingness to take risks and fully commit to the comedic scenarios.

The Bond Between Co-Stars

The bond between Wiig and Hamm is evident in their interactions, both on and off-screen. Their mutual respect and admiration for each other’s talents shine through in their performances. This bond enhances their on-screen chemistry, making their collaborations memorable and engaging for audiences.


Kristen Wiig and Jon Hamm’s dynamic partnership has resulted in some of the most memorable moments in recent entertainment history. From their hilarious sex scene in “Bridesmaids” to their compelling roles in “Palm Royale” and “The Morning Show,” and their unforgettable moments on “Saturday Night Live,” their collaborations are a testament to their exceptional talents. Their latest reunion, filled with humor and camaraderie, continues to captivate audiences, solidifying their status as two of the most versatile and beloved performers in the industry.

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