Kerry Washington Tells Scandal Costar Tony Goldwyn She’s ‘Upgraded’ His Life with ‘Black Wife Effect’ Trend

Kerry Washington, known for her powerful portrayal of Olivia Pope on the hit TV series Scandal, has recently stirred excitement among fans by asserting that she has played a pivotal role in the transformation of her co-star Tony Goldwyn. Washington shared her entry into the #BlackWifeEffect trend on social media, showcasing a video that highlights Goldwyn’s evolution before and after their on-screen partnership began. This article delves into the intriguing trend and its implications, Washington’s claim, and the enduring bond between these beloved Scandal characters. Kerry Washington Tells Scandal Costar Tony Goldwyn She’s ‘Upgraded’ His Life with ‘Black Wife Effect’ Trend

The #BlackWifeEffect Trend: An Overview

The #BlackWifeEffect trend has been gaining traction on platforms like TikTok, where users attribute positive changes in a person’s appearance and demeanor to the influence of a Black partner. Set to the catchy tune of Tommy Richman’s “Million Dollar Baby,” these videos typically juxtapose before-and-after images, celebrating the perceived improvements. Kerry Washington’s recent post follows this pattern, presenting Tony Goldwyn’s glow up as a testament to the impact of their on-screen relationship.

Kerry Washington’s Instagram Revelation

On a vibrant Tuesday, Kerry Washington delighted Scandal fans by sharing a nostalgic yet contemporary video on Instagram. She cheekily captioned the post, “Tony! I’ve upgraded your life in so many ways #BlackWifeEffect, and today I’m adding one more.” Beyond the playful tone, Washington used this moment to encourage voter registration, intertwining her message with a civic call to action. “Go upgrade your voter registration status to REGISTERED ????. Love you!!!!!!” she added.

Tony Goldwyn’s Transformation: Before and After

The video curated by Washington expertly highlights Tony Goldwyn’s transformation over the years. By comparing younger photos of Goldwyn to those taken during and after his tenure as Fitzgerald Grant, viewers are invited to witness the marked difference. This glow up, as Washington suggests, is partially attributed to her presence as his on-screen partner. The chemistry between Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant undeniably left a lasting impression on both the characters and their real-life counterparts.

A Scandalous Seven Seasons

Washington and Goldwyn’s portrayal of Olivia and Fitz captivated audiences for seven intense seasons. Their on-screen romance was a rollercoaster, fraught with political intrigue, personal struggles, and dramatic twists. From kidnappings and stolen elections to self-sabotage and redemption, the characters’ journey was nothing short of epic. Their relationship culminated in a tumultuous marriage during season 6, followed by a bumpy yet hopeful resolution by the series finale in 2018.

Post-Scandal Reunions and Social Media Bonding

Since the conclusion of Scandal, both Washington and Goldwyn have maintained a close connection, much to the delight of Olitz fans. Their mini-reunions and heartfelt social media interactions continue to keep the spirit of their on-screen romance alive. These interactions not only serve as nostalgic reminders of their shared past but also reinforce the genuine friendship that developed off-screen.

Potential Return to Screens: Shonda Rhimes’ Perspective

The possibility of revisiting the world of Scandal has been a topic of interest among fans and creators alike. In 2023, Shonda Rhimes, the mastermind behind Scandal, expressed a particular fondness for the character of Olivia Pope. When asked which of her Shondaland characters she would consider bringing back, Rhimes responded, “Olivia Pope. I like that character so much, even when she was bad. I like that character so much, she’s very interesting.” This statement has fueled speculation about a potential revival or spin-off, much to the excitement of the Scandal fandom.

The Impact of On-Screen Chemistry on Real-Life Relationships

The dynamic between Washington and Goldwyn is a prime example of how on-screen chemistry can transcend into real-life relationships. Their portrayal of Olivia and Fitz was so convincing that it blurred the lines between fiction and reality for many fans. This connection underscores the powerful impact that well-crafted characters and compelling storytelling can have on both actors and audiences.

The Influence of the #BlackWifeEffect on Popular Culture

The #BlackWifeEffect trend is more than just a social media phenomenon; it reflects broader themes of representation and influence in popular culture. By participating in this trend, Kerry Washington highlights the importance of diverse relationships and the positive changes they can bring about. This trend, in turn, encourages viewers to appreciate and celebrate the unique contributions of Black partners in various contexts.


Kerry Washington’s playful yet poignant assertion of the #BlackWifeEffect on Tony Goldwyn has reignited interest in their legendary on-screen partnership. As fans reminisce about the captivating journey of Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant, the enduring bond between Washington and Goldwyn continues to shine through their social media interactions. With the potential for a Scandal revival on the horizon, the legacy of these characters remains as vibrant as ever.

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