Jonathan Scott Teases Brother Drew Over Extravagant Wedding Ahead of His Own Nuptials to Zooey Deschanel

As identical twin brothers and co-stars of Property Brothers, Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott share a lot in common — just not their views on weddings.

During a joint appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Tuesday, June 4, Jonathan playfully ribbed his sibling about his extravagant nuptials to wife Linda Phan.

“Drew went insanely big — to the point where the resort couldn’t handle the people,” Jonathan said of his brother’s 2018 wedding, which took place at La Piazza del Borgo in Puglia, Italy, with more than 300 guests in attendance.

“I heard the number of people, and I had a panic attack,” host Kelly Clarkson exclaimed, clutching her hand to her chest.

Drew quickly cut in to defend himself. “We got married in Puglia in Italy, and we were told by all the experts and a wedding planner that like a tenth of the people you invite will come that far for the wedding. So we invited 350 [people] and 310 showed up, so…” he said, prompting the audience to collectively gasp.

Clarkson, 42, joked, “You are very liked and loved, sir,” to which Drew quipped in reply, “Apparently I paid them well, yeah.”

Extravagant Celebrations and Overwhelming Guest Lists

Drew admitted that he and Phan — who are currently expecting their second child together — found the massive guest list a bit overwhelming on the big day.

“I’m okay with things being busy and a lot happening, but my wife is not,” he told Clarkson. “And so we realized that it would have been better to have more ‘us’ moments. It was very memorable and we loved it, but it was big.” Still, Jonathan wasn’t ready to let his brother off the hook just yet, as he continued to tease him, pointing out that not only was Drew’s wedding over-the-top, but he had a camera crew in tow on his big day.

“I’m getting changed and a camera crew comes in, and finally I was like, ‘Stop following me everywhere!’ ” Jonathan recalled, jokingly adding, “Real, authentic.”

Jonathan Scott Teases ‘Pretty Intimate’ Wedding with Zooey Deschanel — And How They’ll Celebrate After (Exclusive)

As for his own upcoming nuptials to his actress fiancée, Zooey Deschanel, Jonathan told Clarkson the couple plans to take a very different tack and keep things “nice and intimate.”

“We just want to have a kick-ass party with people we love,” he shared.

A Stark Contrast in Wedding Styles

The contrasting wedding styles of the Scott brothers highlight their differing personalities. Drew’s wedding was a grand celebration, characterized by a large guest list and a picturesque Italian setting. The sheer scale of the event, with 310 out of 350 invited guests attending, underscores Drew’s inclination towards extravagant, large-scale celebrations. This approach, however, brought its own set of challenges, particularly for Linda Phan, who found the overwhelming guest list and busy atmosphere to be somewhat daunting.

Jonathan, on the other hand, envisions a more intimate affair with Zooey Deschanel. His emphasis on a “kick-ass party with people we love” reflects a desire for a more personal and less chaotic celebration. This intimate approach is a deliberate choice, aiming to create a memorable yet manageable event that focuses on quality time with loved ones rather than the grandeur of the occasion.

The Importance of Personal Touch in Weddings

The Scott brothers’ experiences underscore the importance of personal touch in weddings. Drew’s lavish celebration, while impressive, highlighted the potential drawbacks of large-scale events, such as the lack of personal moments and the stress of managing a vast guest list. Jonathan’s plan for a more intimate wedding reflects a growing trend towards smaller, more personalized celebrations that prioritize meaningful interactions over sheer numbers.

Lessons Learned from Drew’s Wedding

Drew’s reflections on his wedding highlight valuable lessons for anyone planning a big event. The overwhelming nature of a large guest list can detract from the personal experience, making it challenging to connect with every attendee. Additionally, the presence of a camera crew, while capturing important moments, can sometimes intrude on the personal space of the couple and their close family members.

Drew’s candid admission that the massive guest list was a bit overwhelming serves as a reminder to future couples about the importance of balancing scale with intimacy. While grand celebrations can be memorable, they also come with logistical challenges that can impact the overall experience.

Jonathan’s Vision for an Intimate Wedding

Jonathan’s vision for his wedding with Zooey Deschanel is a refreshing contrast to his brother’s grand celebration. By opting for a more intimate affair, Jonathan and Zooey aim to create a celebration that truly reflects their personalities and their relationship. This approach emphasizes quality over quantity, focusing on creating lasting memories with a smaller group of loved ones.

Their decision to keep things “nice and intimate” highlights a growing trend in modern weddings, where couples prioritize meaningful connections and personal experiences over grandiose displays. This trend is particularly relevant in the post-pandemic world, where intimate gatherings have become more popular due to health and safety considerations.

The Role of Celebrity Weddings in Shaping Trends

The Scott brothers, as public figures, have a significant influence on wedding trends. Their contrasting approaches to weddings provide valuable insights for couples planning their own celebrations. Drew’s grand, Italian wedding showcased the allure of destination weddings and the appeal of large-scale celebrations. Meanwhile, Jonathan’s plan for an intimate wedding reflects a shift towards more personalized and manageable events.

As more couples look to celebrities for inspiration, the Scott brothers’ experiences offer a balanced perspective on the pros and cons of different wedding styles. Whether opting for a grand celebration or a more intimate affair, the key takeaway is the importance of creating a wedding that truly reflects the couple’s unique personalities and preferences.


In summary, the contrasting wedding styles of Jonathan and Drew Scott provide valuable lessons for anyone planning a wedding. Drew’s grand celebration, while memorable, highlighted the potential challenges of managing a large guest list and maintaining personal connections. Jonathan’s vision for an intimate wedding with Zooey Deschanel offers a refreshing alternative, emphasizing meaningful interactions and a personal touch.

By considering the Scott brothers’ experiences, couples can make informed decisions about their own weddings, balancing the desire for a memorable celebration with the importance of personal connections and meaningful experiences.

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