Kendall Toole Announces She’s Leaving Peloton After Nearly 5 Years: ‘I’ll See You on the Next Chapter’

Peloton instructor Kendall Toole has announced her exit from the company, which she joined in 2019. In a heartfelt message to her fans and followers, Kendall shared her gratitude and reflections on her journey with Peloton, emphasizing the personal growth and transformation she has experienced during her tenure.

Kendall Toole’s Farewell Message

On June 13, the 31-year-old took to Instagram to reveal her decision in an emotional Reel. “It’s with great consideration and many, many, many hours of reflection, but I’m choosing to close my chapter at Peloton,” wrote Toole. Known for her dynamic and engaging classes in cycling, boxing, and strength training, Kendall has been a beloved figure on the Peloton platform.

Kendall expressed her deep appreciation for the opportunity Peloton provided her, describing it as a “life-changing experience.” She thanked the company for allowing her to be a part of their community and expressed her heartfelt gratitude to her followers for their unwavering support. “Thank you for letting me into your homes, into your hearts, and in many times — I hope — into the shadowy parts of your mind where sometimes things can get a little tough,” she said.

A New Chapter Begins

Although Kendall is leaving Peloton, she assured her fans that this is not a final goodbye. “Before we get too emotional, I don’t want you to think I’m saying goodbye. I’m not, this is just a shift,” she explained. She emphasized that she would continue to engage with her followers through social media and other platforms. “I’ll be continuing to check in on social media and far beyond. This is more of a ‘I’ll see you on the next chapter’ kind of an energy,” she added.

Kendall teased her fans with a promise of exciting things to come, urging them to “stay tuned for what’s next” and expressing her love and appreciation for their support. “Love you,” she concluded.

Gratitude and Appreciation

In her farewell message, Kendall conveyed her deep gratitude to the Peloton community, describing them as her friends and family. “To the community who have become my friend and family and have stayed in the fight with me, I cannot thank you enough,” she said. She highlighted the honor she felt in being a part of their lives, particularly addressing her Knockouts and NKO crew members. “It’s been an absolute honor, especially to every single one of you Knockouts and NKO crew members for all of the fun and craziness and joy,” she shared.

Kendall acknowledged the shared journey of growth and evolution that she and her followers have undertaken together. “Thank you for riding with me, for sweating with me, for crying with me, for growing and evolving with me in every single way we’ve committed to showing up for ourselves so we can show up for those around us in our life,” she added. She emphasized the significance of this mutual commitment, describing it as “truly spectacular.”

A Motivational Farewell

Kendall concluded her announcement with a powerful motivational quote from her father, encapsulating the resilience and determination that have defined her journey. “‘They can knock you down but they can NEVER knock you out,'” she quoted, leaving her followers with a message of strength and perseverance.

The Impact of Kendall Toole’s Departure

A Legacy of Inspiration

Kendall Toole’s departure from Peloton marks the end of an era for many of her dedicated followers. Over the past five years, she has inspired countless individuals with her energetic and motivational approach to fitness. Her classes were more than just workouts; they were experiences that encouraged personal growth and self-improvement.

A Journey of Personal Growth

Kendall’s journey with Peloton was one of profound personal growth. She often spoke about her own struggles and triumphs, creating a deep connection with her audience. Her authenticity and vulnerability resonated with many, making her a beloved instructor and influencer.

The Future of Kendall Toole

While Kendall’s departure from Peloton is a significant change, it is clear that she has exciting plans for the future. Her promise to stay connected with her followers and her hints at upcoming projects have generated anticipation and curiosity. Fans are eagerly awaiting to see what new ventures she will undertake and how she will continue to inspire and motivate.

Continued Engagement

Kendall’s assurance that she will remain active on social media and other platforms is a testament to her dedication to her followers. This continued engagement will allow her to maintain the strong community she has built and provide support and inspiration in new ways.


Kendall Toole’s announcement of her departure from Peloton is a moment of reflection and gratitude. Her heartfelt message highlights the deep connections she has formed with her followers and the personal growth she has experienced. While she is closing this chapter, Kendall’s journey is far from over. Her promise of new adventures and continued engagement ensures that her legacy of inspiration and motivation will live on.

For those who have followed her journey, Kendall’s message is a reminder of the power of resilience and the importance of embracing new opportunities. As she steps into her next chapter, her followers eagerly await to see where her journey will lead.

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