Downtown Great Falls Revitalized with Weekend Events 2024

Downtown Great Falls continues to experience a vibrant revival including events designed to draw residents and tourists alike.

The heart of Great Falls is beating stronger than ever with a series of engaging events aimed at fostering community spirit and boosting local businesses. Downtown Great Falls Revitalized with Weekend Events 2024

Mimosa Showdown: A Sparkling Competition

Among the notable events is the Mimosa Showdown, a popular attraction where bars and restaurants compete to craft the best mimosa. This bubbly event not only delights attendees with creative and delicious beverages but also boosts local restaurant and bar business.

Kellie Pierce of Downtown Great Falls highlights the community impact, stating, “We’ve come a long way in the last five, ten years, so we’ve got some awesome business owners and they all work together. We all just help to rise each other up and create a sense of community.” For a look at this year’s participating contestants and how to vote, click here.

Military Appreciation Days: Honoring Our Heroes

In addition to the Mimosa Showdown, Military Appreciation Days will be hosted downtown throughout the weekend. In honor of Armed Forces Week, several of the downtown businesses will be offering sales, specials, and deals with military ID.

“We’re lucky to be in the military community to have Malmstrom in our community,” Kellie added. “We want to welcome the folks that are stationed here or that have chosen to retire here and really want them to feel welcome and know that they have a place to call their own downtown.”

Building a Stronger Community

These events are part of a broader effort to revitalize downtown Great Falls and create a welcoming atmosphere for both residents and visitors. By hosting diverse and inclusive events, the area aims to enhance local culture and drive economic growth.

The collaborative efforts of local businesses and the enthusiasm of the community are the driving forces behind this revitalization, ensuring that downtown Great Falls remains a vibrant and dynamic hub.

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