Sturgill Simpson Confirms New Album… Under A New Name!

American songwriter Sturgill Simpson reveals a new artistic direction and moniker, with “Passage Du Desir” set for July 12th. Sturgill Simpson Confirms New Album… Under A New Name!

Sturgill Simpson, known for his genre-blending style and profound lyrical storytelling, has confirmed the release of his new album under the name Johnny Blue Skies. This new chapter in his career promises to captivate fans and critics alike.

A New Artistic Journey: Johnny Blue Skies

Sturgill Simpson, a name synonymous with innovation in country music, is reinventing himself as Johnny Blue Skies. After releasing four successful albums under his own name, Simpson has decided to explore a fresh artistic path. His 2014 album, ‘Metamodern Sounds In Country Music’, marked a significant breakthrough in his career, earning critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base. Recently, he celebrated the 10th anniversary of this milestone with a special re-issue, reminding fans of his enduring impact on the music industry. Now he’s back, with a new album, and a fresh moniker. Johnny Blue Skies is the fulcrum for his artistic endeavours, with new album ‘Passage Du Desir‘ slated to land on July 12th. Ushered into the world via his own independent label, High Top Mountain Records, it features eight tracks. Pre-order the album here

The Upcoming Album: ‘Passage Du Desir’

Simpson’s new album, ‘Passage Du Desir’, is set to debut on July 12th. This project, released through his independent label High Top Mountain Records, features eight tracks that showcase his evolving musical style. The album’s title suggests a journey or transformation, hinting at the introspective and explorative nature of the music within. Fans can anticipate a blend of Simpson’s signature sound with new, innovative elements that reflect his growth as an artist.

High Top Mountain Records: An Independent Venture

High Top Mountain Records, Simpson’s own independent label, is the vessel for this new release. This move towards independence highlights Simpson’s desire for creative freedom and control over his artistic output. By managing his own label, he can directly influence the production and distribution of his music, ensuring that his vision remains uncompromised. This independent venture not only benefits Simpson but also sets a precedent for other artists seeking autonomy in their careers.

Anticipation and Expectations

The announcement of Simpson’s new album under a different name has generated significant buzz among fans and music critics. The transition to Johnny Blue Skies signifies more than just a change in name; it represents an evolution in Simpson’s musical journey. As anticipation builds for the release of ‘Passage Du Desir’, many are eager to see how this new persona will influence his music and performance style.

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