The View to Break kevin costner: ‘Tell Those Sponsors Stand Down We’re Talking!

Kevin Costner had a clear message for the sponsors of “The View” during Monday morning’s episode when Whoopi Goldberg was prompted to send the show to a scheduled commercial break: “stand down.”

Kevin Costner’s Unexpected Moment on “The View”

During his appearance on the ABC talk show to promote his new film, “Horizon: An American Saga,” Kevin Costner provided an in-depth explanation of his motivations for making the film and the message he aimed to convey. As Costner concluded his detailed response, Whoopi Goldberg received the signal to transition to a commercial break.

“Oh, OK. I just — yeah, OK,” Whoopi remarked, in her typical fashion when she is caught off guard by the producers. However, as she attempted to proceed, Costner interrupted.

“Take control of this Whoopi, honestly,” he quipped. “Tell those sponsors stand down, we’re talking!” The humorous remark drew significant laughter from the table and the audience, though the show proceeded to the scheduled break. Upon their return, the conversation with Costner continued, allowing him to further discuss his new project.

Kevin Costner’s New Film: Horizon: An American Saga

Costner’s latest film, “Horizon: An American Saga,” delves into the historical narratives and untold stories that shaped America. The film represents a culmination of Costner’s passion for history and storytelling, offering audiences a poignant and insightful look into the past. Through his work, Costner seeks to provide a fresh perspective on significant historical events, aiming to educate and inspire viewers.

The Significance of Commercial Breaks on Talk Shows

The incident on “The View” highlights the ongoing tension between programming content and commercial obligations. Talk shows, such as “The View,” rely heavily on sponsorships and advertising revenue, which necessitates regular breaks to accommodate commercials. However, these interruptions can sometimes disrupt the flow of meaningful conversations and poignant moments on air.

Historical Interruptions on “The View”

This recent event is not the first time a guest on “The View” has addressed an interruption directly. In a notable incident late last year, host Sunny Hostin’s phone rang during an interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger. In a moment of quick wit, Schwarzenegger responded, “Tell ’em I’m not here!” These instances highlight the live nature of talk shows and the unpredictable moments that can arise.

Whoopi Goldberg’s Role as Moderator

Whoopi Goldberg, as the moderator of “The View,” often finds herself managing the delicate balance between adhering to the show’s schedule and allowing for organic, spontaneous interactions. Her reaction to Costner’s comment underscores her professionalism and ability to maintain the show’s flow despite unexpected disruptions.

Audience Reaction and Media Coverage

The audience’s reaction to Costner’s remark was overwhelmingly positive, with laughter resonating throughout the studio. Media coverage of the incident has been extensive, with numerous outlets highlighting the humorous exchange and its implications for live television dynamics. The moment has also sparked discussions on social media, with fans expressing their admiration for Costner’s candidness and Goldberg’s handling of the situation.

Kevin Costner’s Influence and Legacy

Kevin Costner’s influence extends beyond his acting career, encompassing his roles as a director, producer, and philanthropist. His commitment to telling powerful stories and addressing important social issues has solidified his status as a respected figure in the entertainment industry. “Horizon: An American Saga” is a testament to his dedication to impactful storytelling and his desire to shed light on America’s rich history.

The Importance of Maintaining Viewer Engagement

In the competitive landscape of daytime television, maintaining viewer engagement is crucial. Incidents like the one involving Costner and Goldberg can enhance the show’s appeal by providing memorable moments that resonate with audiences. These interactions contribute to the show’s overall dynamic and keep viewers coming back for more.


Kevin Costner’s appearance on “The View” and his humorous interruption during a commercial break underscore the challenges and unexpected moments that define live television. His new film, “Horizon: An American Saga,” promises to offer audiences a compelling look into America’s history, driven by Costner’s passion and expertise. As “The View” continues to navigate the balance between content and commercials, moments like these highlight the importance of spontaneity and viewer engagement in the world of daytime talk shows.

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