Top 7 Hidden Apps In Android

The Play Store has millions of applications ranging from addictive games to essential productivity tools to unique ways to decorate your smartphone.

Even better, some applications will completely transform the way you use Android. Some improve the user interface, while others automate everyday activities, while others improve the functionality of your android device.

We’ve done the work of compiling a list of the best Android apps across all categories to assist you in selecting the best apps for your everyday life. We’ve hand-picked the most popular and notable applications on the platform, suitable for every smartphone, from low-cost smartphones to high-end flagships. So, whether you’re new to Android or have been using it for years, consider today’s roundup a best-of list — the best of the best that few can live without.

Here in this article by Mr. Jarvis, we will discuss the Top 7 Hidden Apps In Android.

Video Speed ​​Controller Pro

Video Speed Controller Pro is one of the Top 7 Hidden Apps In Android. Video Speed Controller pro is a practical application that allows users to modify the video speed to their preference and watch high-quality videos. By using this app, you can always skip the ads by increasing the speed of the annoying ads.

Users can try out a variety of fresh, exciting, and attractive activities. This app lets you freely control the video speed, and users can fast forward or slow down the videos they’re viewing without being interrupted. The application facilitates people to watch videos most effectively and adequately. Users can feel the emotions that the videos deliver most precisely by using the valuable features of this application.

Users can feel and watch videos most comfortable with this application without experiencing too fast or too sluggish video experience.

Always on Edge

Always On Edge is also one of the Top 7 Hidden Apps In Android. Always On Edge, a personalization solution for Android smartphones. This Hidden Apps In Android allows users to enable LEDs on the screen’s edges. 

Whether it’s to notify you of incoming texts and calls or beautify your screen while it’s switched off, this However, there will be several parameters to adjust to get the ideal aesthetic. Also, the app is so light that it doesn’t drain your battery.

You select the style of lighting you want for the Edge of the screen from the app settings menu: whether you want the light to be stable, move across the screen, or flicker. Similarly, you can enable and disable the led that usually lights with the alerts or make it shine differently. You can also set this up so that just the part of the screen surrounding the camera glows.

Last but not least, you can switch on the LEDs for a particular colour to create gradients with up to three. Those colors illuminate the outer Edge of your screen. In short, you can configure your LEDs to perform anything you want.

Call Logs

Call logs is also one of the Top 7 Hidden Apps In Android. If your child or teenager is always addicted to their smartphones and making long voice calls, it’s time to figure out who they’re talking to. You can follow their call history and get a good understanding if anything doesn’t seem right using Call Logs’ great feature. Looking at their call records can give you a good idea of whether they are getting bothersome calls. Are there too frequent and too brief calls from a specific contact?

All the incoming or outgoing contacts’ information can be checked with date stamps. The length of the call history is also shown. Furthermore, it can monitor your child’s mobile phone activity, track your child’s phone’s real-time position, allow you to check app information and activities, browsing history etc.

Screen effects

Screen effects is also one of the Top 7 Hidden Apps In Android. You can add many types of animation to your screen by using screen effects, and you can pause/play the effect on the notification bar.

Whatever you are doing, whether it is surfing the Internet, playing a game, or composing an email, the effects will always be  Matrix, heart, ball waves, bubbles, snow, flowers, and star. And more are supported effects.

Please keep in mind that this app will not deplete your battery or make your phone sluggish; you can use it while sleeping. Nobody can use the smartphone since it will freeze and display the effects on the home screen. Try out the new on-screen animation effect on your phone. On top of all other applications, it works like magic. Several beautiful screen effects are available, and you no longer want to use live wallpaper. If you want to disable these effects, you can do so by heading to the notification area and stopping the effects.

Lynket Browser

Lynket browser is also one of the Top 7 Hidden Apps In Android. While Google search helps find unique articles from across the web, it isn’t always practical to read them right away. It’s sometimes best to save several articles and return them to them later.

That is what Lynket Browser allows you to do. In the background, it loads web pages. You can access it at any time by tapping floating, on-screen bubbles.

It’s basic yet quite beneficial. The app works with your current browser and can speed up surfing by instantly loading the AMP versions of links you visit.

Another helpful feature of the Lynket Browser is viewing web pages in Article mode, which loads a slick-looking reader mode devoid of all the fluff and fillers. While the app hasn’t been updated in a while, it still does what it says.

Telegram Bots

Telegram bot is also one of the Top 7 Hidden Apps In Android. Telegram Bots is a simple android application for finding bots in our all-time favorite Telegram. Telegram bots are just third-party applications that run inside Telegram. 

You can engage with bots only by sending a message or command. Telegram was the first social network to create chatbots. While building Telegram Bots requires some technical knowledge, using one is quick enough that anybody can do it. As the name bot list says, this is a location where you can locate bots of any category. Additionally, they allow adding your telegram bots, which the moderators will thoroughly check. So please feel free to add your bots or those missing from this list, report inactive bots, and so on.

This is an application that is just not officially affiliated with Telegram in any way. By using this app, you can create telegram bots easily without learning about coding in-depth.


LiveMapWallpaper is also one of the Top 7 Hidden Apps In Android . Create beautiful, minimalist, and custom live map wallpapers and backgrounds for any Android device with this app.

These map wallpapers and backgrounds look incredible on HD, 2K, 4K, AMOLED, Super AMOLED, and OLED displays.

Are you using a Personal Launcher? These sleek, simple map wallpapers and backgrounds work perfectly with all launchers, so you’re covered.

There are an infinite number of unique, basic map backgrounds and wallpapers at your fingertips.

LiveMapWallpaper allows you to create map wallpapers of any place globally, whether it’s Europe, the United States, or Asia.



So, this is the list of Top 7 Hidden Apps In Android. I hope you liked this article on the Top 7 Hidden Apps In Android. All these apps are tried and tested, so install these Top 7 Hidden Apps On your Android device to use all the features of your android device.

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